Alex Nursall

Photographer / Illustrator / Writer / Anything Else


Alex Nursall is a Canadian-born writer, illustrator, photographer, and general roustabout living and working in Toronto. She looks sort of like a young Winona Ryder crossed with a young Winona Ryder's less attractive cousin. She currently works as a Producer/Coordinator/Camera-person/occasional sound tech at a post-production house in Toronto, along with writing about makeup history for Jezebel and doing freelance illustration work for... I don't know, I guess you if you email me.. She is available to do whatever kind of work you can throw at her. In the past, she's worked as a managing editor at a Toronto-based health and wellness magazine, Illustration/Assistant Photo Editor at The Varsity, videographer at Ricochet (BBDO), has a decade of radio and television experience. She also does storytelling, standup, and humour writing when she can. She can be reached by email at If you're looking for a CV, check it out here. If anything, she's a good person to have around the office because she loves to bake and bring in cookies, scones, or homemade candy to work. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG.