Alex Nursall

Photographer / Illustrator / Writer / Anything Else

Stories and Standup

DNTO - Fish Tales, June 2015

Magnet.Today Promotional Video, September 2014

Ignite Liverpool, February 2014: "What Makes a Good Bad Movie?"

Ignite Liverpool, November 2013: "Facts About Canada: For Real This Time!"

Raconteurs FIRE AND ICE, September 2012: "The Sober Brit"

Raconteurs THE DARK, January 2013: "Sudbury Chainsaw Massacre"

Raconteurs SOUVENIRS, June 2013: "Walk a Mile

MothUP Toronto RULES, September 2011: "3 Simple Rules"

MothUP Toronto CANADIAN IDOL, June 2011: "Sometimes Things Go Kaboom"

WRITE CLUB Toronto, January 2013: In defence of "SOAP"

Ignite Liverpool, November 2013: "What makes a good bad movie?"