Alex Nursall

Photographer / Illustrator / Writer / Anything Else


Well, some of the stuff that's online.

"EYELINER AND LINER NOTES: Makeup in the 1940s" - A look at makeup in the 1940s.

"EYELINER AND LINER NOTES: Makeup in the 1930s" - A look at makeup in the 1930s.

"EYELINER AND LINER NOTES: Makeup From 1900 - 1920s" - A look at makeup from 1900 to the 1920s.

"The Canadian Literary Scene Joke Book" - The punch line is that we all die alone in the Prairies.

"A Body of Work" - A look at tattoo culture in Toronto

"A Nuitmare on Queen St" - Various writers explore Nuit Blanche in various ways.

"CD Covers Suck" - An incredibly deep opinion piece on why CD covers suck. So deep.

"You'll Never Flop Alone" - A look at the fans around Liverpool at the end of the 2013-2014 season.

"5 Places to Visit in England (That Aren't London)" - A guide for tourists looking for interesting places to check out in the UK outside of the capital.

"Dr. Science PhD Answers Your Science Questions" - A humour piece featuring some science on par with the stuff you see on bad Facebook pages. 

"8 Phrases You Should Probably Learn" - Language tips for tourists. Pretty straight forward. 

"Get Them Off Me! How to Deal With Bugs" - Tips and tricks on how to deal with insects when camping.

"Surviving Road Trips with Kids" - Breaking down how to survive long car trips with small children.

"Why Can't We Be Friends?" - A feature on trying to make friends on the internet and failing.  

"The World's Weirdest Museums (or some of them, at least)" - A breakdown of bizarre museums from around the world. 

"Drink Yourself Stupid" - A look at the best places in Europe to get (politely) tanked. 

"How to Blend in While Travelling" - Tips for tourists looking to not look like tourists. 

"How to Travel with Your Partner and Not Lose Your Mind" - Want to travel with your significant other without freaking out? Here's some advice.

"Finland Has Weird Sports" - It really, really does.

"5 Tips for Beginner Animal Photographers" - How to take pictures and not get eaten in five easy steps. 

"Stereotypical Things to Do in Canada" - Poutine and beavers and hockey, oh my. 

"Moonshine By Night" - A story about a road trip through rural Tennessee. 

"How to Survive Moving to Another Continent" - Moving away? Here's a useful guide. 

"Liquor Around the World" - What to drink when travelling around Europe and South America.

"How to Survive Road Trips with Roommates" - Advice on how to travel with your roommates and not want to make them move out of their shared apartment in the aftermath.